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Your listing is customized for the type of your bussiness. Fishing charters, lodges, guides, private ponds - everyone gets custom exposure.
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Frequently asked questions

Who can be a BaitYourHook partner?
Fishing lodges, charters, guides, private ponds and other operators providing fishing trips to anglers. Non-fishing trips can’t be advertised on BaitYourHook.
How do you find clients for me?
We are the leading experts in the outdoors booking market for more than 5 years with access to over 1,000,000 outdoor enthusiasts globally. We built, the #1 online hunting marketplace in the world.
How do I know when I receive a booking?
You will receive a notification by email, SMS or mobile app when a client makes a reservation. You can accept or decline this request.
How do I get paid?
Remaining balance always goes directly to you. Your part of the deposit will be transferred to you by us after the cancellation period ends. We charge the lowest commission on the market - flat 10%! Our commission will be deducted from the deposit.
What protection do I have if my trip was cancelled by a client?
If the client breaches your cancellation policy, BaitYourHook will transfer you the reserved deposit.
How much does it cost to list my business?
Signing up for BaitYourHook and listing your business is completely free. We receive a 10% booking commission for marketing services from every booked trip. We do that only for the trips that actually took place.
What about prices for my trips? Do you have any regulations?
Prices on BaitYourHook must be the same as your prices advertised elsewhere. We operate on the Best Price Guarantee basis and our clients must have only the best rates you offer.

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