Bow Fishing

Bowfishing, or getting fish by hitting it with an arrow, offers the excitement of archery and fishing combined.
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About Bow Fishing

Bowfishing is an ancient practice that existed in certain remote locations such as the Amazon for centuries and gained the attention of the mainstream fishing community with the growing popularity of archery hunting. The arrows have to have a special head that will not allow the fish to extract it and escape. To get the fish ashore, a line is secured to the arrow, the other end of the line being put on a spinning reel secured to the bow. Bowfishing is a fun and exciting way of fishing for a number of surface-dwelling fish, the invasive Asian Carp being a favorite with American lovers of the sport. Bowfishing is not as easy as it sounds, and even experienced archers may find themselves baffled by refraction. Please remember that the practice is not legal in every country or state, so double-check before booking a trip.