Drift Fishing

Drift fishing is fishing from a boat or raft that moves naturally, without oars, motor, or sails, over the water.
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About Drift Fishing

“To go with the current” is often used in a bad sense, but not when talking about drift fishing. There’s nothing wrong with throwing in your line from a boat and letting the current take you along - few things are as conductive to just blending in with nature as floating down a river or drifting along the coast. Fish are used to objects, such as logs, that just float about, and without extra noise of a motor or oars, your boat becomes such a natural object. All you have to do is to cast your fly or lure as the current takes you to them. Or, you could let your bait drift along at a natural pace, tempting one fish after another. Drift fishing can be practiced on any body of water, the only requirement being the presence of a current.