Trolling is fishing with the help of moving lure or bait that is dragged behind a boat.
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About Trolling

A predecessor of spinning, trolling uses the motion of a boat to drag a lure or live or dead bait, making it move like an actual prey fish. The main advantage of trolling over spinning is that it is easier to use live bait: when trolling, you can let your bait into the water with all due care, while in spinning, as you cast the bait, and it hit against the water, it may be irreparably damaged. Another advantage of trolling is that the lure can be driven for a long distance without interrupting its motion. In the interest of silence, the boat is usually driven by oars or a special low-power electric motor. An exception is deep sea fishing, where the regular powerful engines are used to propel the boat. While most kinds of trolling in fresh water require stealth and slow motion, to catch the fast sea predators such as Wahoo the boat should move along at substantial speed.