Spearfishing refers to hunting for fish underwater and getting it with a hand-held spear or a speargun
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About Spearfishing

When people speak these days about spearfishing, they don’t mean the ancient practice of hitting fish with a spear: this is now known in the English language as “flounder gigging”. Modern spearfishing is diving underwater and shooting at fish with a special pneumatic, spring, or rubber-powered gun, or, occasionally, with a hand-held spear. Other necessary equipment includes a face mask, flippers, and, in colder waters, a wetsuit. Arguably, the best place for spearfishing are the warm and transparent waters of the southern seas, where immersion in the magical underwater world leaves an indelible impression. However, spearfishing may also be a dangerous practice, so it is advisable to make your first steps underwater under supervision of a competent guide.